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Mother Tongue


Holistic education with emphasis on Culture and Values.


NCPS Chinese Language Department aims to engage our students through different strategies and programmes to improve the students’ 21CC skills, academic results and increase their awareness and interest in their Mother Tongue culture with the inculcation of values.


1. MyCLOUD Project

The project aims to help students develop 21CC skills such as Collaborative Learning (CoL) and Self-Directed Learning (SDL) skills through various activities and lesson plans designed by our teachers involving the use of the MyCLOUD platform. Seamless learning is made available through the use of a portable device for every P3, P4 and P5 student.

2. Chinese Cultural Programmes

  • A. Chinese Classic Recitation Programme

Weekly Chinese Classic Recitation Programme for P1, P2 and P3 students are conducted to inculcate values and instil interest in learning Chinese Language.

  • Cultural Awareness Programme (CAP)

Cultural immersion trip to X’ian and Suzhou are organized for P5 students annually. The students learned more about the Chinese Culture, improved their knowledge and the Chinese Language. The students were also able to establishe friendship with their overseas counterparts.


  • Mother Tongue Fortnightly and Cultural Camps

Activities with different festival themes will be organied annually to encourage students to learn more about their traditional culture.

Different Chinese Language Camps will be organized for the P1, P2, P3 and P4 students during the March and June School Holidays to promote the learning of Chinese Language, culture, traditions and values.


  • Play@Recess

Chinese Language activities were  organized for the students during  their recess  time, allowing the students to learn as they play.  Activities such as  Chinese Opera painted faces, making of dumplings, paper cutting  were made available during the  students’ recess time for them to engage in.


3. BiCEP Programme

The BiCEP programme is a SHHK signature programme to promote Chinese Language Culture and develop effective bilingual students in the 5 SHHK Primary Schools. The programme is for Primary 4, 5 and 6 students.

The P4 BiCEP students participates in the SHHK BICEP (P4) Language Camp which is conducted by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Arts & Cultural Troupe. Participants of the camp enjoy the fun of learning Chinese language through drama activities, colloquial language usage, storytelling, games, sound recording sessions and other interesting activities.

The P4 BiCEP students also participate in the SHHK BICEP (P4) General Knowledge competition. The P5 BiCEP pupils participate in the SHHK 5 School BiCEP overseas immersion program to Xi‘an, Fujian and Taipei.  During the Immersion period, students visit the local places of historic interest, places with scenic beauty, and taste many unique local foods. The learning journey has deepen the understanding of the Chinese culture, and students also learn the various traditional values. During the programme, students also have the chance to made friends with local students when they visit the local schools.  The immersion programme not only helps the students to broaden horizons and increase knowledge, it also helps to students learn to be self-independent, self-discipline and also help them to cultivate team spirit.  This is a once in a lifetime journey of learning for the students.

P6 BiCEP students of SHHK 5 School have to showcase what they have learned in their 3 years BiCEP course during their Graduation Ceremony.


4. Reading Programme

P2 classes are involved in a Reading@My Bookshop programme where students have structured time to read various storybooks and at the end of a term, they login to a portal whereby they shared with their fellow schoolmates which books they have read and their review. It encourages independent learning.

A structured e-book reading programme for P3-P4 students. The school worked with the National

Library Board to allow the students  to access the e- books in the National Library. A team of teachers designed appropriate lesson plan for the ebook reading activities. Students were able to  independently acquire new knowledge.

Kidsread programme for P2 students

Parent volunteers assist in helping P2 students who are weak in recognizing Chinese characters. The students are engaged in different reading activities.

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