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Student Safety

Safety Vision Statement
A Safe and secure school in all areas for effective teaching and learning.

Safety Mission statement
Safety is everyone’s concern and starts with me


To ensure the safety and well-being of our pupils,

  1. Parents who are driving their children to school must drop them off at Gate C, not Gate A or B.
    Parents who are driving should drop off/pick up their children at proper parking places so that pupils and other road users will be safe and not inconvenienced.
  2. Parents / Visitors are not allowed to drive into the school premises unless it is raining during school days. Please park at the HDB multi-storey car park opposite the school if there is a need.
  3. The school does not encourage comsumption of food outside the school canteen for events like birthday celebrations. This is for better control of food safety for our pupils and staff. We are also mindful of some children who may be allergic to certain foods.


As with all physical activities, sporting or otherwise, there is always an inherent element of risk. As such, one should always ensure that these risks are minimized before the start of each activity. Please click here for some safety tips and practices to guide you before, during and after the participation of sports and games.

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