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Information for Parents

A) Students’ Safety

1. If you wish to see your child/ward, please obtain a visitor pass at the security post and proceed to the General Office for assistance.

2. If you need to take your child/ward home during curriculum time, please inform the General Office. You are requested to write your particulars in the “Early Dismissal” book before leaving the school.

3. Please do not loiter outside your child’s/ward’s classroom during school hours.

4. Please wait for your child/ward outside the school (at Gate A, B or C) during dismissal time.

5. Advise your child/ward to approach the staff at the General Office for assistance if he/she does not see you during dismissal.

6. Parents who are driving should drop off/pick up their children at Gate C/proper parking places, not Gate A or B. This is to ensure that students and other road users will be safe and not be inconvenienced.

7. Parents/Guardians/Visitors are not allowed to drive into the school premises during school days, unless it is raining. Please park at the HDB multi-storey car park opposite the school.

8. From 1 January 2012, all students above the height of 1.35m taking the school bus will be required to wear a seat belt while travelling in the bus. This regulation by the Traffic Police is aimed at ensuring the safety of school children travelling on small school buses and preventing unnecessary loss of lives.

9. When you bring your child/ward to school, you should leave him/her at the school gates and let him/her proceed into the school premise.

10. Impress upon your child/ward the danger of running along corridors and up and down the staircases.

11. Students can bring their own food to school, but it must be consumed in the canteen.

12. The  school  does  not  encourage  consumption  of  food  brought  into  the  school premise for events such as birthday celebrations. This is to ensure food safety for our students and staff.

B) Communication with the School

1. Please update any changes to your contact numbers with your child’s/ward’s Form Teacher.

2. Home supervision and support is necessary to ensure your child/ward’s performance in school. Kindly check your child’s/ward’s written work assigned by the teachers updated in their Student Diary 2016. The Student Diary can be used to facilitate two way communication with the teachers.

3. Please inform your child’s/ward’s Form teacher if your child has a medical problem and is unable to participate in physical activities.

4. A Letter of consent will be issued to your child/ward if he/she is required to come to school for CCA, remedial, supplementary lessons, learning journeys etc.

C) Others

1. Please label your child’s/ward’s personal belongings. Teach your child not to leave his/her belongings unattended at all times.

2. Name tags should be ironed onto the right side of blouses/shirts and PE T-shirts.

3. If your child forgets to bring pocket money to school, he/she can approach the staff at the General Office for assistance.

4. The school encourages students to engage in silent reading before the flag-raising ceremony.

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