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Infocommunication Technology


Innovating 21st century teaching and learning, leveraging on the affordance of ICT, in a technology-enabled active learning environment. In actualising the department’s focus, the team set out to achieve 3 broad goals:

  1. Innovate 21st century teaching
  2. Cultivate 21st century learning
  3. Engineer a technology-enable active learning environment


1. Applied Learning (AL) Programme

Applied Learning Programme is an integral part of the NCPS Curriculum. It is introduced to Primary 1 to 6 students to support a holistic and well-rounded education. It complements the mainstream subjects by offering studies with stronger elements of practical learning linked to their daily life experiences. With equal emphasis on the development of knowledge, skills and values, AL aims at enabling students to understand fundamental theories and concepts through application and practice, and to develop their generic skills in authentic context. Applied Learning also aims to provide greater opportunities for students to deepen 21st century competencies through computational thinking.


Anchored on skills and values, students at NCPS developed into confident communicators, collaborative learners, self-directed learners and knowledge creators, through a structured 6-year ‘ALive’ learning experiences and environment.





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